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Major: Computer Science/EH&S

College/Employer: Stanford

Year of Graduation: 2026

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A group of Stanford researchers and I are building Nooks – a virtual sales floor.

🏠 We help remote teams recreate the buzz of being in an office together.

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1️⃣ I'm working on how deep learning systems can reason with molecules.

I've also served on the scientific program committee for MLCB, and used to work at the Stanford WHIL Lab on computer vision.

2️⃣ My team at Carnegie Mellon and I were finalists in the $15M Global Learning XPRIZE competition.

We built an Android app that teaches kids the 3 R's: reading, writing & arithmetic.
We were the only team of students & professors to make it this far.
Our app was used by hundreds of students in Tanzania.

3️⃣ During the pandemic, we built a disaster management and vaccine distribution system with the amazing Flutter framework & Google Cloud.

The city of Shreveport and local universities were using this to help their communities stay supported.

It was an incredible experience and I'd do it again!

Past Classes

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S7998: The Chemistry of Cancer's Molecular Malfeasance in Splash Spring 2024 (May. 18 - 19, 2024)
Let's think like molecules for 45 minutes. You've probably heard of many elements from the periodic table that react with each other in our bodies – for example, oxygen binding to iron in red blood cells for transportation. But some categories of molecules don't exist naturally, and reactions between them can create "flashlights" inside living organisms that tell us how the world's most devious diseases are at work. You'll learn all about how researchers are using these methods to shed light on ways cancer cells sneak past our immune system by mass-producing "Don't eat me" molecules. In a fast-paced chalk talk connecting foundational ideas in chemistry and biology you've already learned in high school, you'll learn exactly how scientists and doctors are trying to outsmart cancer's molecular malfeasance.

C7725: Building a VC-backed startup straight out of Stanford CS in Splash Spring 2022 (May. 14 - 15, 2022)
How do you work the levers of product-led growth? And how can you sell SaaS to your first customers... and get to $1MM annual recurring revenue (ARR) – eventually raising a Series A? Here's what this class will cover 👇 1️⃣ Bring an entrepreneurial bent to your CS skills and optimize *what you can learn* from people using your software. 2️⃣ Build a go-to-market (GTM) plan - how do you design sprints to get engineering work done - how do you quickly get customers *most important* - how do you close deals and show results 3️⃣ Know when you have product market fit & should raise a Series A From Stanford’s AI Lab to the world of cold calling, bring your startup ideas and hear stories of funny last min engineering failures... and success!