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TOBY FRAGER, Stanford freshman studying math

Major: Undeclared

College/Employer: Stanford

Year of Graduation: 2022

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I was born and raised in San Leandro, CA. I went to public schools in the city and never moved. I discovered a talent in math at a young age, but I spend most of my time working on music. I started playing trombone in fifth grade and ever since I've loved jazz, and I compose and perform all the time. I currently take classes in the math and music departments and I play club ultimate frisbee.

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A6765: Improvise! in Splash Fall 2018 (Dec. 01 - 02, 2018)
Do you want to make music? Anyone can create their own songs instantly by learning how to improvise. The class will be a short lesson on how to improvise followed by a jam with all students.