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TOM KNOWLES, Stanford sophomore who likes games and singing

Major: Computer Science

College/Employer: Stanford

Year of Graduation: 2021

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Hey! I like algorithms, data, singing, history, and game theory. I teach two classes at Splash: A Cappella 101, and my Card Counting class. I'm hoping to do one on The Chinese Typewriter at some point.

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M7032: Card Counting in Splash Spring 2019 (May. 04 - 05, 2019)
Vegas is a beautiful system: a system designed to exploit you for as much of your money as they possibly can. And they're pretty good at that... But every system has bugs. In fact, a famous team of MIT undergrads exploited these bugs for 20 years, and made millions. But hey: anything MIT can do, Stanford can do better. I'll teach you the legal techniques card counters use to take money off casinos at the Blackjack table, and why they work. Real chips, real cards... no real money. And we'll learn a little probability and algorithmic game theory along the way.

A6723: A Cappella 101 in Splash Fall 2018 (Dec. 01 - 02, 2018)
Like Pentatonix? Hamilton? So do we! We are Stanford O-Tone: one of Stanford's many and varied a cappella groups. Together we'll be learning how to harmonize, beatbox and blend—and finding out how to control vocal muscles you never knew you had voluntary control over. This workshop will focus on all the basic skills you need to sing a cappella with a group. Absolutely no experience required.

A6274: A Cappella 101 in Splash Spring 2018 (May. 05 - 06, 2018)
Ever dreamed about being on Broadway? Together we will refine our technique in rhythm, musicality, and muscles you never knew you had voluntary control over. This workshop will focus on the skills necessary to sing a cappella. Learn how to sing A Cappella with Stanford O-Tone! No experience required :)