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RONNIE MILLER, Stanford graduate student studying metascience

Major: Management Science & Engineering

College/Employer: Stanford

Year of Graduation: G

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Hi all! I'm Ronnie, and I'm a grad student in the School of Engineering studying metascience, sociology of science, and philosophy of physics. I love researching how paradoxes are interpreted in physics and the interpersonal dynamics of scientists working in the laboratory. Nice to meet you and hope to see you in class!

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S7739: Science fight! What happens when scientists don't get along? in Splash Spring 2022 (May. 14 - 15, 2022)
From the outside, science may appear to be a unified field of study in which nothing but cold hard facts are listened to. However, digging deeper reveals a much more chaotic truth! From debates between molecular versus systems biologists, universe versus multiverse cosmologists, and theoretical versus experimental physicists, there are times when scientists just don't get along. What happens then? How does this affect what concepts are studied, what working in a laboratory is like, and who ends up being "right," if anyone? Come find out the tea and how scientists throw shade! Familiarity with the aforementioned concepts, among others to be discussed, is not necessary and will be provided in class!