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MEGHA SRIVASTAVA, Information + AI, Photography, Creative Writing

Major: Computer Science

College/Employer: Stanford

Year of Graduation: 2018

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Stanford senior studying Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence

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M6015: Demystifying Hot Topics in Computer Science in Splash Fall 2017 (Nov. 11 - 12, 2017)
This course provides an accessible overview of some of the latest topics in computer science. Our lineup of teachers come from a variety of backgrounds and interests, and they will share their stories about what computer science looks like in college and industry. The class will be very much driven by participants, so come with questions!

M3937: Build Your Own Website in Splash Fall 2014 (Nov. 08 - 09, 2014)
Create your very own website from scratch! In this class, you'll learn basic HTML/CSS to design your own website and launch it online. We'll introduce you to basic concepts of web and show you what sites look like 'behind the scenes.'

P3999: The Atomic Basis of Color and Luminescence in Splash Fall 2014 (Nov. 08 - 09, 2014)
Have you ever wondered what makes a firefly glow? Or how the Coors Light cold-activated bottles work? In this class, we will answer those questions and more by looking at the energy transfer between electrons and light. We will start from atomic theory and work up, using molecular orbital theory to explain why molecules such as chlorophyll and hemoglobin are colored. We will talk about the chemical reactions that allow you to see light and color, and the chemical basis of luminescence. Lastly, we will explore cool applications of color chemistry including color photography, thermochromicity, and more!