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JOSE HERNANDEZ, Stanford Senior studying Computer Science and Math

Major: Computer Science

College/Employer: Stanford

Year of Graduation: 2017

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I'm a senior studying computer science and math at Stanford. I blur the divide between computer systems, algorithms, and artificial intelligence. I love learning the narrative of discovery in these fields, because insights come from deep understanding. Overall, I love writing code and riding bikes. I love designing modules, solving problems, and teaching math.

Past Classes

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M5836: Game Theory: Games and Strategies in Splash Spring 2017 (Apr. 22 - 23, 2017)
Why do some companies continue to unsustainably pollute? During a white elephant, should I grab a new gift, or steal another's gift? Where should I eat if I want to "accidentally" bump into my crush? All of these questions can be answered using game theory! By learning a few key concepts, you can find an interesting analysis of any game. The interesting part is identifying "games" in real life, because most, as the examples show, don't look like the games we are used to. This course will dive into the concepts of: - expected value of a game - optimal strategies - pure and mixed strategies - more analytical tools!

S4998: California Proposition 13: "a sacred doctrine" in Splash Spring 2016 (Apr. 09 - 10, 2016)
This class will focus on the rich narrative of how and why Proposition 13 was passed. Gov. Jerry Brown called it "a sacred doctrine," but others have called it the death of public schools. What is this controversy all about? After WWII, new homeowners in California experienced a series of tax hikes that overwhelmed their household budgets. People responded with Proposition 13, which capped property tax increases. Many city services are dependent on property taxes, such as public schools. However, since many public schools were dependent on property taxes, this severely cut school funding from taxes (by 50% in some areas!). How did this proposition come about? This is where the story gets interesting. The proposition has roots in the great depression, WWII, blue collar jobs, and more. Each piece unfolds a key part of the history, and, when they come together, they create an engrossing story about people's hatred for taxes.

H5000: Make an Origami Masterpiece - the Kawasaki Rose in Splash Spring 2016 (Apr. 09 - 10, 2016)
Learn to master the art of Origami with this classic masterpiece, the Kawasaki Rose! Designed by world-renowned origamist/theorist Toshikazu Kawasaki, this piece is regarded by many as the pinnacle of traditional origami. In this class, we will teach you to fold a variation designed by Akira Yoshizawa: []. This piece is relatively advanced, so we will walk you through the steps.