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JESSICA WATKINS, Environmental Engineer (Stanford MS 2011)

Major: Environmental Engineering/Scienc

College/Employer: San Francisco Bay Regional Water Quality Control Board

Year of Graduation: 2011

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I'm looking forward to sharing my passion for water with you. Water plays an important part in everyone's life. We turn on the faucet, and there it is! We flush the toilet, and there it goes! A lot of time and money has been spent over the last century figuring out how to get water into our homes, and to our farms, so that we can focus on other endeavors and lead simpler lives.

I grew up in the Bay Area and have lived here most of my life. I received my BS in Civil and Environmental Engineering from UC Berkeley in 2009 and then switched allegiances to Stanford for my MS in Environmental Engineering and Science in 2011. Once upon a time I also received a BA in International Relations and Spanish from SF State. I work for the San Francisco Bay Regional Water Quality Control Board on wastewater issues.

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E4278: California Water Resources in Splash Spring 2015 (Apr. 11 - 12, 2015)
Where does our drinking water come from and how does it get here? Why does the drought matter and who is it impacting? Why is there enough water to keep lawns green, pools full, and golf courses open, yet some farms are left unwatered? The short answer – it’s complicated! Come explore the politics, history, and engineering behind California's water infrastructure.