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GERARD TOUMA, Stanford Electrical Engineering PhD student

Major: EE

College/Employer: Stanford

Year of Graduation: 2019

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I am a third year PhD EE student at Stanford. I design circuits and systems for ultrasound based low power systems. These systems range from biometric scanners, to implants, and ingestible devices that could also have a medical value (screen for cancer, etc...)

I have interned at Apple, where I worked on extending the battery life in devices by making the circuits consume less power.

I play the guitar, and enjoy music a lot. I am considering teaching a class about playing the guitar as well, and the different types of guitars/music effects.

I have not taught school students before, and I am looking forward to it.

Past Classes

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A6495: Electric Guitars (with demo) in Splash Spring 2018 (May. 05 - 06, 2018)
I would like to teach students about the history of the electric guitar, different type of guitars, and styles played. I will also show them some techniques that can be helpful when playing the electric guitar, and hopefully instill in them a lot of interest in wanting to play the instrument.

E5893: Electronics and Their Applications in Splash Spring 2017 (Apr. 22 - 23, 2017)
Introduction to electronics, how they work, and their various applications in medicine, consumer products, wireless communication, and others.