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Major: Computer Science

College/Employer: Stanford

Year of Graduation: 2011

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S1561: The Psychology of Facebook in Splash! Spring 2011 (Apr. 16 - 17, 2011)
Addicted to Facebook? Can't understand why everyone and their mother uses this social networking site? Come learn the hidden secrets that make Facebook one of the most popular sites in the world.

S1562: Scams, Hacked Accounts, and Social Engineering in Splash! Spring 2011 (Apr. 16 - 17, 2011)
Facebook account hacked? It probably wasn't some guy in his mother's basement trying your password until it worked. Come learn how social engineering is used to compromise even the most hard-to-guess passwords.

S1068: Poke, Poke - The Psychology of Facebook in Splash! Fall 2010 (Nov. 13 - 14, 2010)
Addicted to Facebook? Are your friends addicted, too? Find out why Facebook is the most popular social networking site in the world. Discover the hidden meanings behind the Facebook "poke"...and more!

H1069: Magic the Gathering Deckbuilding and Drafting Strategies in Splash! Fall 2010 (Nov. 13 - 14, 2010)
Think you are any good at Magic the Gathering? This class will show you how to improve your deckbuilding and drafting skills so you can be the champion among your friends. This interactive session will include hands-on deckbuilding and play practice. Students will get to take home their decks at the end of the class. All players from beginners to experts welcome.