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ERIKA BONGEN, Stanford Immunology Graduate Student

Major: Immunology

College/Employer: Stanford

Year of Graduation: 2018

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I'm a second year graduate student studying autoimmunity here at Stanford. I'm from the Chicago suburbs.

Favorite Comics:
'Nimona' by Noelle Stevenson.
"The Goon" by Eric Powell,
"Hawkeye" by Matt Fraction,
"Captain Marvel" by Kelly Sue Deconnick

Favorite Science:
Biology- autoimmunity
Chemistry- organic synthesis
Bioinformatics- machine learning

Favorite Science Comics:
'xkcd' by Randall Munroe
'bird and moon' by Rosemary Mosco

Past Classes

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B3907: Comics in Science and Science in Comics in Splash Fall 2014 (Nov. 08 - 09, 2014)
Scientific findings are nothing if they cannot be shared with the world. And when topics from cell division to rocket ship design are so complicated that they require both words and pictures, why not use comics? We will discuss how scientific theories are integrated into comics as well as how comic book techniques are integrated into science. In the end, we’ll make science comics of our own!