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TOM ZHUANG, Stanford Mechanical Engineering Grad

Major: Mechanical Engineering

College/Employer: Stanford

Year of Graduation: G

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Keen on designing stuff and make a better community. Understand the whole picture of design and manufacturing.

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E1238: Spaghetti Engieering - Introduction to Product Design in Splash! Spring 2011 (Apr. 16 - 17, 2011)
Do you believe engineers can build bridges out of spaghetti? Have you ever imagined yourself being a designer? Are you a hands-on person? Have you ever though about designing the next generation of the iPhone? Do you want to learn more about product design and the engineering process behind it? Join us in this hands-on seminar and have some fun thinking like a designer! We will be doing hands-on in-class projects. You will have the opportunity to build and construct, as well as brainstorm as a group. Grab a friend, generate some great ideas, and construct something amazing!