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PETER BENEDEK, Stanford Chemical Engineering Postdoc

Major: Not available.

College/Employer: Stanford

Year of Graduation: 2021

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Peter is a Swiss Postdoc at the School of Engineering at Stanford University. He studied interdisciplinary sciences with a major and physics and chemistry at ETH Zurich, where he obtained his MSc with distinction in 2015. After that, Peter continued as PhD student at the Department of electrical engineering at ETH Zurich focusing on the development of material coatings for Li ion battery electrodes materials.

After graduating at ETH in October 2021, Peter left the field of batteries and joined the research group of T. Jaramillo, where he is focusing on novel methods to transform Nitrogen gas into fertilisers using renewable energy.

During the course of his career, Peter has been very active in scientific outreach, be it for teaching lab classes, mentoring students, or judging the Science Bowl.

Past Classes

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E7690: From Lemon to Lithium: What are batteries? in Splash Spring 2022 (May. 14 - 15, 2022)
Batteries have become an essential piece of in our life. In this short course, we will explain the basics of Li ion batteries. The first part of the session will cover the basics of batteries: By performing "the battery dance" and making our own lemon cells, we will learn how batteries run. In the second part we will transfer our knowledge to Li ion batteries. What makes them special? What can we do to run them more efficiently? What could be the future of Li ion batteries?