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ANAND SAMPAT, Stanford Graduate Student studying EE

Major: Electrical Engineering

College/Employer: Stanford

Year of Graduation: 2014

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I have recently graduated with a BS and MS in Materials Science and Engineering with a focus on electronic materials, thin films, and semiconductors as well as a BS in Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences from UC Berkeley focused on digital circuits and devices. Currently I am pursuing an MS in Electrical Engineering at Stanford University with a focus on computer software systems and the hopes of improving human productivity and efficiency through software.

In my free time I love creating and mixing music, as well as dancing to Bollywood/fusion music - in the spirit of always wanting to learn, I also am looking to improve my Salsa.

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E3685: What's inside a Computer? - Unraveling the Mystery in Splash! Spring 2014 (Apr. 12 - 13, 2014)
We'll take a top-down journey from the exterior of the computer to the components down into the circuits and devices that make it up. Once and for all we can all know what hardware really makes the computer work and makes it the amazing computing tool that it is today. Be prepared to learn about the history, the components, the people, and the companies behind the modern day computer and be ready to unravel the mystery that is the computer.