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AIDAN RANDLE-CONDE, SLAC grad student in particle physics

Major: Particle Physics

College/Employer: Brunel University London/SLAC

Year of Graduation: G

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I'm a grad student from the UK, enjoying life in the Bay Area for a few years. I studied physics for undergrad at Oxford, where I was the President of the Space and Astronomical Society. These days I spend my time studying particle physics, unraveling the mysteries of the force that keeps matter together. In my spare time I love to explore California, learn about the world around us. When I get my hands on a laptop I use my computer programming skills to make everything from websites to models of the universe to video games, while trying to make them look as beautiful as possible.

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S598: Fit the solar system in your laptop! in Splash! Fall 2009 (Oct. 10 - 11, 2009)
Did you know you can model most of the visible universe using just a web browser? Most of us don't give a second thought to our place in the universe. Most people are happy knowing that days come and go, tides rise and fall and seasons pass, but they don't know why these things happen. With a model of the solar system you can explore our place in the universe: see what things looks like from a different planet, work out why it took so long for scientists to get the world's oldest science right, predict solar eclipses, follow the crazy paths comets trace out in the sky, and more! Perfect for budding astronomers!