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MICHAEL WORNOW, Stanford computer science PhD student

Major: Computer Science

College/Employer: Stanford

Year of Graduation: G

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I'm a 2nd year computer science PhD student studying AI for computational biology. I grew up in the Bay Area and loved attending Splash as a high school student!

I love building websites for fun and am passionate about teaching, so am super excited to be teaching this class! While I haven't taught at Splash before, I did a fair amount of teaching during college, and am looking forward to teaching the sort of class I'd want to have taken as a Splash student.

Past Classes

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C7697: The Magic of Web2 -- Learn to Build a Website in Python in Splash Spring 2022 (May. 14 - 15, 2022)
We will build a website from scratch and publish it to the web for anyone in the world to see! We will use Python’s Flask framework for our backend server and HTML/CSS to style our website’s frontend. We will host our website for free using Heroku. The class will cover the following topics in sequence: -------- 1. Basic overview of how websites work (what “clients” and “servers” are, the difference between “frontend” and “backend” development, and how your browser communicates with websites). 2. Explanation of how Python’s Flask framework fits into this paradigm, what problem it solves, and the various elements of a basic Flask app. 3. Live coding! I’ll mirror my screen to a projector and walk you through every step of getting your own Flask website up-and-running from scratch. Time permitting, we’ll aim to cover how to… a. Run your Flask server and view your website in a browser b. Create a single page with HTML and CSS c. Support multiple pages with URL routing d. Create dynamic pages with Jinja templating e. Allow users to submit data through forms f. Authenticate users with a login/signup flow 4. Once we finish our website, we’ll upload it to Heroku (a free and easy-to-use hosting provider) so that anyone in the world can view our website!