Our Mission at Splash

Education for students, by students

Splash aims to broaden the academic horizons of students in grades 8-12 by providing them with a diverse choice of classes taught by dedicated volunteer teachers. All of our teachers have demonstrated their curiosity for the world around them by pursuing degrees at the undergraduate level and beyond. We believe the best teachers are students themselves. These teachers become leaders through teaching and in turn inspire young minds to expand and pursue their own educational goals.

Splash pushes for educational outreach to underserved students from traditionally underrepresented communities in the Bay Area, like Oakland, East Palo Alto, and Richmond. Splash provides financial aid for all students with financial hardships. In addition, the Splash team organizes for select underprivileged schools to receive free transportation by bus to bring their students to Stanford for the weekend. We believe these students can be inspired to achieve by exposing them to teachers passionately pursuing their own educations.

Student and Teacher Development

Learn everything. Teach anything. Inspire.

Our Students: Splash opens up a world of opportunities to middle school and high school students who may have never heard of topics like astrobiology, symbolic logic, and impressionist art. By offering students a wide variety of engaging classes that they cannot traditionally take in schools, we provide students the freedom to discover and cultivate their passions.

Our Teachers: Splash empowers college students to become leaders in the education of younger students and students from underserved areas. They have the chance to share their interests through service to their community. Many of our volunteers are first-time teachers as Splash provides the chance to explore teaching in a low-stress environment where teachers can design their classes however they like. We offer our volunteer teachers the training and resources they need to succeed in the classroom.

The Splash Program

Stanford ESP logo

Splash is Stanford ESP's educational enrichment program. The Stanford Educational Studies Program (ESP) is a non-profit student organization run by Stanford undergraduate and graduate students as well as community members. Our program is funded by the Associated Students of Stanford University (ASSU) and the Graduate Student Council as well as by the Splash tuition fee of $40 per student. We waive this tuition fee and provide a free lunch for students with financial difficulties.

Our volunteer teachers come from the Stanford community - undergraduate and graduate students - who want to share their interests through teaching. This means that Splash offers students an unprecedented number of class options compared to the standard curriculum. Stanford Splash has run many Splash events since 2008 and serves over 3000 students each year. As our program grows, we hope Stanford Splash will play a greater role in supporting the Bay Area student community.

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